Nobody is ever met at the airport when beginning a new adventure. It’s just not done.

This is my quote for today, because I began a new adventure and no one met me at the airport. Well the security guard who put my very first stamp in my passport did, but I don’t think he actually counts. It wasn’t a terrible flight, maybe a sleepless one, but not terrible. A little cramped, but the food was pretty good, and they even fed us breakfast. Even as I made it through customs, got that stamp, and went on through to baggage claim it didn’t hit me I was in a new country. I really still don’t think its hit me.

The check-in was painless. Our apartment is a decent size, with three bedrooms (A triple bedroom, a double, and a single) – and since Malka and I were the last to arrive we ended up with the…triple. Tiny, tiny triple. But us three roommates will get along smoothly, as long as we buy more hangers, and evenly share the drawer space.

We had lunch in Soho at this little bakery, that I can’t say I was much of a fan of, but it was nice to be out. Then us roommates trekked out blindly to walk back to the hotel (by the way we couldn’t remember the address or what street it was on) , stopping to pick up things we needed along the way.

London is beautiful. It’s a lot like New York – busy streets, cars honking, people walking like they’re on a mission. But there’s something more charming about it, I guess.  For instance, even our apartment complex , which is not the Ritz or anything, still is beautiful on the outside. I saw Buckingham Palace from a distance! The actual tour of that will be another day. ***For photos click on them to blow them up in a separate window. They get cut off a bunch. I’m working on fixing it. I’M SO JETLAGGED. ***

Oh, London also does not smell like NY tends too. But they are both expensive, and as I paid for lunch, groceries, and shampoo I cried a little inside at the amount. I will survive though. “Everything in small amounts” will have to be my motto.

I’ve already had a funny experience with our apartment. I tried to shower, in the tiniest shower ever. First off, it’s a raised shower. You must step UP and INTO it, then the shower head beats you with its intense water pressure (The shower head is only perched an inch or two over my head – I am not tall). If that isn’t enough fun times to be had, to shave your legs you must lift your foot, brace it on the wall, and shave quickly before you lose balance. But it’s either that shower or the tub, which has a shower head attached to it. But there’s no shower curtain. I’m not sure what it’s purpose is. Not only that but check out the view from our living room window –

That is a COW statue on a roof. London is awesome. I should name her.

I’m pretty jetlagged. I did a horrible job at sleeping on the plane, but I’ve been doing a really good job at fighting it so far. But now it’s time to cave (it’s only 5:30 pm ) here, and I’m going to take a nap till 6. From there the roomies and I are going to Starbucks to play on our computers (internet ‘minutes’ are limited in England. There isn’t such a thing as UNLIMITED INTERNET. Nope. ) , have some coffee to keep ourselves for a few hours more.

I miss home a lot, especially my wonderful family. But I know without them I wouldn’t be here. Love you guys.

So that’s it for this massive post. They’ll probably start getting smaller, and starting Monday they will include updates on classes (We start Monday) and the shows we’re being taken to see.


One more photo of the apartment. It is our bedroom. 🙂

I got the top bunk. Which could be dangerous because in the morning I’m likely to just fall rather than climb out of bed.

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  1. That’s awesome!!!

  2. Glad to hear you made it safely. Sounds fabulous so far. We are just going to live vicariously thru you so post a lot. Have fun and be safe.

  3. I am so happy girl! Keep writing because I am reading it all! XD

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