“Hipsters – All talk no drink”

This won’t be an extensive post because I’m exhausted, and I’m drinking a beer (Meaning soon I’ll be verrrryyy sleepy.) I also have no photographs of today, so I’m sorry.

Some quick notes:

– All sinks I’ve come across, even in my apartments have separate water spouts for hot and cold. So you can have one or the other. Even my bathroom faucet, will let out two separate streams of water so you have to be very careful how you use it.

– You must look right when crossing a street. London drivers are just as abrasive as NY drivers.

– My headline quote is from an Irish man we met in a British pub that served Thai food. He also told us that Williamsburg was “ruining his daughter”.

– Frozen meals here are so much better here than in America.

– I bought my first beer in a grocery store today, was carded, and it was acceptable!

That’s all I can think of, but I promise tomorrow I will form actual paragraphs. Tomorrow is orientation and a bus tour of London! I will overload you on photographs, promise.

So to hold you over until tomorrow here is one more photo from our window. It’s not too shabby.It’s smaller but I think if you click on it it will still blow up.

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  1. Do you have a beday? Not sure I spelled that right but I’m on my phone! Have fun! (With the beday of course!)

    • No beday… I have no idea how to spell it and I think my spell check got confused. But a weird bathub thing with a shower head attached to a long cord. IT’s so weird. Pictures soon!

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