Water Faeries + Smash and Bash Mobs

When I thought I’d suffer from jetlag I didn’t think of it as anything too terrible. So you’re a little tired, that’s fine. I’m a college student, I’m constantly running on little to no sleep and I function. Jetlag is like… sleep deprivation from Hell. I’m so tired, it’s ridiculous. I had one glass of wine with dinner and I was ready to pass out. Not wanting to give in I got up, left the apartment and am now writing to you from the safety of Starbucks (Where I’m not allowed to sleep).

Today was a whole ton of emotions. Maybe it’s finally hitting me I’m in a foreign country? Our school provided a bus tour of London which was wonderfully touristy. Unfortunately I didn’t take too many pictures I was proud of, it’s hard to take photographs from a fast moving bus. Anyway, our tour guide was FANTASTIC. Nigel, was his name, and yes he reassured us that he was terribly angry with his parents for giving him the most stereotypical  British name. But he was so much fun. He was also the inspiration for this posts headline. He was a police officer for 28 years and they had nicknames for the firefighters (and like wise – the fire fighters called the police “Bill Boys” ) . So the nicknames for the firefighters are yes, Water Faeries and Smash and Bash Mobs. Very clever, Nigel.

But we got to see some really cool things, my favorites include:

Just a cute little sign.

A clock.. tower.. thing. 🙂

A view of the river Thames.

There are more, but I uploaded them on my Facebook page. If you can’t see those maybe I’ll be uploading a Photobucket album soon.

Orientation was… overwhelming. I am now in a state of fear, nausea, and the intense need for comfort food in the form of greasy, fatty  junk food. Someone ship me Whataburger? I may be forced to accept McDonald’s if I don’t get my fix soon (Gag).

I think the thing that is freaking me out most, is not the crazy class schedule, because it’s really no worse than what I had at SLC.  It’s the lovely Tutorial session I’ve been given tomorrow. I get to be the VERY FIRST ONE with IAN. Ian is our head honcho. The guy I need to impress. And tutorials are one on one workshop sessions. Oh my god I’m so freaked out. So I have to memorize (AGAIN) my audition monologue, take it to him tomorrow, and then work on it with him hopefully without throwing up or crying.

This is the thing that has got me needing Mickey D fries immediately. Screw being healthy, let me be a fat American.

So there’s that. but other than that the class schedule is going to be early mornings, huge breaks in the afternoons, then an evening class or two. Not too shabby .

Tomorrow we go see our first show – The Merry Wives of Windsor at the….. *drumroll* THE GLOBE.

Pretty fantastic huh?

So before leaving you, I’d like to share some words of wisdom from good ol’ Ian.

“It has chosen you. You have not chosen it. You would have to be completely insane to choose to be an actor.” – Ian.

So since it picked me, I’m going to do it proud, and try to get over this intense fear I have of my Tutorial tomorrow. Ian isn’t so bad, I’m just completely spazzing myself out. Wish me luck. Or rather – Break a leg.

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