The love of learning, the sequestered nooks…

I didn’t post yesterday, but since classes have begun it will probably become harder for me to update everyday. Sleep is so so so so vital right now. No worries, I will still keep everyone up to speed. I’m on Day 2 of BADA classes, and already I feel like I’ve been taking them for two weeks. Not because I feel like I know the professors, or what they expect of me (Besides punctuality – which they’ve all stressed IMMENSELY). More because I’ve really been tossed into this world and these lessons headfirst without time to really hold on, or take a deep breath. Only on Day 2 I’ve accomplished the following:

– Performed before two professors, one being the Dean. Both not nearly as bad as I thought.

– Gotten to see a play at the Globe , “the Merry Wives of Windsor” (will expand on this in a bit) – Learned five (maybe a little more) stage combat techniques

– Translated a sonnet into my own words to be performed tomorrow morning , 9 am sharp.

– Learned to navigate to the school (2 and a half miles away) all by my self.

– Am realizing my feet are weaklings, and are not used to such strenuous walking. I have to rub them every night, and put them up to reduce swelling. (Any tips for painful feet? It’s all in my heels…ouch.)

So, I feel very accomplished even only on Day 2, and I know it only gets crazier from here. I still have classes and professors I haven’t met yet, and still plenty of work to keep me busy. It’s all happening so fast around me, and I’m just trying to keep up. But it’s wonderful, and although I’m starting to feel homesickness creeping into my system, I’m so happy I’m here.

My Shakespeare Prof is this little old woman, whose got their feisty personality. When she randomly assigned us our sonnets she told us very matter-of-factly “Now if you think your sonnet doesn’t fit your personality, or that you don’t like it – tough shit.” Also, my High Comedy professor? Although all he did was talk at us in class today, he has this great, deep, rumbling voice. It sounds a little like Vincent Price, kind of fantastic. All my professors have been really wonderful, and I’m excited (and nervous) to see what I’ll be doing with them for the semester.

So The Globe. Oh my gosh. First of all, for those of you who don’t know the cheapest (and probably best) seats in the Globe theatre are well… none. People pay 5 pounds to STAND in the “yard” which is the “pit” around the stage, and watch the show. This is where we were. We found a choice spot by a staircase where actors climbed up and down, and sang right down to us. We were groundlings. A groundling was a term used to refer to peasants in Shakespeare’s time that could only afford the yard. They were very low class, and ate, and drank beer, and talked loudly often throwing nuts and fruit at characters (poor actors) they didn’t like. We did not boo, or throw nuts, but we did have some beer. I have a picture, but it’s on my friend’s camera, will try to get a hold of it soon!

It was all so amazing, to be so close. Well until the sky opened up. The Glboe is outdoors and everywhere is covered except THE YARD. So our audience huddled together as it poured down us and we stared up at the actors, in their heavy, beautiful costumes, as the rain soaked them as well. And you know, even with the rain, and the eventual cold that set in, I think it was worth it. The play, the actors, it was all fantastic. I mean, we were at The Globe! And now I have a story to tell about the day I went to see a play, and it rained down on me.

Little side note : Today, as Malka pointed out to me, is one month until my birthday. My 21st birthday! Not that it matters while I’m in this country, but when I go back for Christmas I would like to celebrate properly.

That’s it for me. We’ll see if I update tomorrow, because it’s another loooooong day. Miss everyone back home terribly, but just know I’m thinking of you every single day. Lots of love.

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  1. The Globe! Your professors! The work! It all sounds amazing! I love the way you are able to recognize the beauty of what you are experiencing, even if it’s terrifying!

    As for your feet, try to find some Epsom salt to soak them. If that doesn’t work, a nice hot British man to rub them works well too.

    Keep writing! I love it!


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