So many pictures in this post…

London is beautiful. I cannot say this enough. Today Malka, Dee Dee, and I decided to do a ‘tourist day’. We wanted to walk around, see some things, and enjoy ourselves. First day off, so nice. First we made our way to the TEXAS EMBASSY CANTINA.  Quick history lesson:

The Republic set up an Embassy right here in London. But events in America took over, and the first Texas Embassy closed in 1845 when Texas joined the United States. Now, 150 years later, the Texas Embassy is back with a border Cantina and some great Tex-Mex food.

So off we went to eat some Tex-Mex food and have a margarita (Malka had a mojito). And it was REALLY GOOD. If I’m ever missing my Mexican food, I will go here. It’s a good walk, like 40 minutes, but it was good. I got a burrito, and it was tiny, but you know Europeans are all about small food portions.

Margarita and Mojito

DeeDee and a chip

LOOKIE! A UT Longhorn had been there.

Me excited about Tex-Mex food.

After the Texas Embassy we walked over to the National Gallery and saw some beautiful paintings. Now I’ve got some new favorites!

The Umbrellas - Renoir

St. Jerome in his Study by Antonello

The Channel at Nieport - by Alfred William Finch

I love them, and there were so many more. I tried to write down my new favorites, but there was just so much to take in. AS we were leaving hte National Gallery we could hear people singing and beating on drums, so being curious we walked over to this large crowd. And there were these people:

The Pope is coming to London and all these people were singing songs in Hebrew, holding up signs to welcome him! How nuts is that? I’d never seen anything like it.

Malka and I decided to play adventurers a little longer and took the long way home and came across some cool little places.

Cupid statue! I was standing next to monks in orange robes when I took this.

This man definitely thought I was being a creeper... but he's SMOKING A PIPE

The buildings are are cool!

His house was really neat. I have no idea who he is.

A little side street

A little side street

I love how this statue just stares out

That’s it for today. I told you I would overload you with photos. But my camera and I really got to bond today. Also, I love my two roommates, it’s going to be a fantastic year with them.

Miss home lots, but the Tex-Mex food fixed me up some. Or maybe it was the tequila.

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  1. dani, i’m living vicariously through you! so keep the awesome pictures coming! it’s so nice to see that you are appreciating every moment of this experience, and through this blog, you will remember it all! so proud of you! brandy

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