Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.

The dean of our program warned us this time would come. He said it would happen in the second week, and that it would pass, but that it’d be there. Well, hiya homesickness, pull up a chair.

It happened yesterday when I was walking to school. I was thinking that I wanted to do a “This is what Daniella sees on her way to school” blog entry, because the walk to school is gorgeous. The winter is starting to settle in, and the mornings are cooler, demanding a scarf to be worn and closed toe shoes, maybe even boots. And while I was walking I realized I was in a foreign country (Kind of late, huh?) and that everything was unfamiliar, and I was a stranger to everything, and everything was  a stranger to me and I just got freaked out. I wanted to call my mother right then, or anyone whose voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t. Because they are an ocean away, or what feels like another universe away.

It stuck with me all day yesterday and into this evening, and I’ve yet to fully shake it. Not helping is that I had to perform a sonnet for class, and the situation I used made me think of my family back home.But I still wouldn’t trade everything I’m learning and the people I’m meeting for anything.

The classes are fast paced, but wonderful and I’m attempting to overcome my typical shyness (this is what happens when during childhood I spent all my recess time reading alone. Stupid socialization skills.)

I saw a show last night, “Danton’s Death”, which was beautiful, plus the history nerd in me which has been neglected as of late had a field day. ROBESPIERRE! DANTON! REIGN OF TERROR!!!

I plan to see some more theatre this weekened , because I definitely don’t feel like I’ve seen enough!

Well everyone back home reading this, I miss you all terribly. Hope everyone is wonderful, and if you haven’t sent me an e-mail yet, do so! I live off of e-mails right now, because I can check them and write back quickly. Skype is great too, but emails can be read anytime of the day.

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  1. hang in there kiddo! we’re all here pulling for you!

  2. Being homesick is so hard. I was an exchange student in Colombia. I remember the emotions. Hope it’s starting to lift a bit today.
    And another positive to add to your long list of reasons why you’re happy to be in London: since you’re already wearing closed toe shoes, think of all the money you’re saving on pedicures! 🙂

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