Seize the day, put no trust in the morrow!

London and I had a moment today, a fleeting moment where I realized that I’m living here and we are starting a new relationship. That’s exactly how I see London – a new relationship. Everything is new and exciting, and I get carried away sometimes, and forget myself. I constantly tire myself out trying to keep up with it, and balance the rest of my life at the same time. We’ll be dreamy, and silly for each other and then suddenly we’ll be fighting.

And today London and I had this wonderful moment (and then a not so pleasant one), where I realized our relationship is probably going to be a really good one. If only for a year.

I went sightseeing with a friend of mine, BJ. Our goal: Westminster Abbey. So we walked this long, wonderful walk, got a little lost, but found lots of things we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Who needs the tube?! We stumbled onto Buckingham Palace and realized everyone was setting up for the Pope’s departure (I had been meaning to see his processional later that evening) , and the square was completely deserted, people had these little yellow flags, and excitedly waited for the 6 pm mark. I don’t think Buckingham Palace has ever seen such a deserted square, but lucky for us it proves to be an amazing photo opportunity.

WE arrived at Westminster, only to have it dawn on us that the POPE was in town! Cardinals mulled about inside the chapel that was now sealed shut, so all we got were photos from the outside. Oh well, maybe we’d get to go in on another day?

Westminster! Still beautiful even though we couldn't go inside.

So what to do then? Walk along the River Thames of course! The river was lined with some amazing things including street performers, artists, and a large collection of used books.

I left BJ at the National Theatre , he was off to see a show, and I was headed home. And this was where my moment began. Walking along the Thames river, the sun beginning to set, and the people bustling around me as I walked along, camera in hand. I stopped by a violinist, who I gave a few coins and he asked me for a request. I said, “It’s all beautiful”, and when I walked away he played a pretty tune that sounded like Greensleeves.

The violinist...

I was all alone, enjoying the street performers, the children running around, and the numerous tourists that swam around me. And in the distance the wind was carrying the sound of church bells reached me – the Pope’s processional had begun. And even though I knew I wouldn’t make it to see him I felt blessed still I was here.

Used books galore! I will be shopping here for Christmas gifts.

This artist had been working for five weeks. And she did some BEAUTIFUL work.

the Thames... how beautiful is this?

Then our moment ended because this man named Victor, started to follow me ask me all these personal questions (If anyone asks I have a boyfriend, we’re very much in love, and I’m only in London for a few months.). I ran away from him FINALLY but by this point I was flustered, my feet were completely ruined. My blisters have blisters, my ankles are killing me and swollen, and I’m not sure why they are hurting so much. This was where mine and London’s fight began. We argued with one another all the way home until the second moment happened.

I was walking by Hyde Park and from my position on the street I could see the candlelight vigil, and hear the singing of the people who were listening to the Pope speak. It was wonderful. A almost deserted street and the sounds of prayer to my left.

So London and I are working on our relationship. We are brand new to one another, and I’m just trying to figure everything out and get used to being  in this new, strange relationship.  We like to flirt with one another, have moments alone, like my walk on the Thames. But then my feet begin to ache, I get lost , and strange men whistle at me on the street and I begin to get cranky. We’ll get into the proper rhythm soon enough. And I know that a year form now when we have to say goodbye, I’ll look back and love every moment of it – good and bad.

Canoodling with British men.

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