You win some, you lose some

London and I haven’t been talking too much this week. It’s been me and my classes, and realizing that we are now at the point of the semester where class workloads begin to overlap each other. I am working on memorizing things for class, and reading, although no papers yet. Although I find papers the least daunting assignment after two years of SLC conference work.

It is a grey, cold day here in London, and even our apartments feel a little chilly, and my mood matches the weather. So I’m asking forgiveness now if my blog is a little “blah”.

Yesterday Malka and I planned a day to go to Covent Garden, which is a large outdoor style market place for all sorts of crafts, clothing and things. So we walked the two miles that way, and enjoyed all the booths, as well as settled into this little café where I had a FANTASTIC Belgian waffle (it had small pieces of sugar in it, so it crunched and let loose their sweetness in your mouth) which complimented my cappuccino very nicely. Note to everyone: I will start taking requests for Christmas gifts now because Covent garden is probably where I’m going to get them.

Convent Garden, one of the buildings. Look at that SKY!

Taken from inside the cafe we ate at, there's a toy shop down below we went into. Amazingly cute.

From inside the marketplace.

Taken on one of the side street. I LOVE fish & chips. I crave is constantly now.

From there we trekked FOUR MILES (silly poor students), to this theatre in the middle of nowhere to see this experimental play (Pieces of Vincent) I was gung-ho about. What we witnessed was a pretty awful show. We left shocked, and Malka kept yelling at me “FOUR MILES DANIELLA?! Four miles for THIS?!” It’s entirely my fault.

The concept of the show was great. The audience sit in the center of this black box on the floor, and there are four sides to them, four different locations, covered by screens that have things projected on them from time to time. And the story is about Vincent, a man who gets blown up in a London supermarket during a terrorist bombing. He has touched all these people’s lives and is supposed to bring them together.

Good concept. Utter fail. The screen in front of each place separated us too much and we were always aware we were audience members. The actors were awful (except for Vincent who ,well, dies in the first five minutes), and I barely understood some of them. The script felt unfinished and convoluted, making a potentially great message a joke to us. “There are pieces of Vincent everywhere”, says his Grandmother, and I couldn’t help but think “Well yeah, he got blown up”. Not the reaction they wanted I’m sure.

Nevertheless it was a good experience, in which I learned things from (like what works and what won’t for an audience and a script), and not all theatre will be good. I’m sure I will be in shows that are downright awful. It’s just part of this world I’ve chosen. Plus, I’m always one to give something new a try.

Now it’s a cold, rainy Sunday and Malka and I are sitting here having coffee, I’m going to heat up some chicken noodle soup, and call it an in day. Tomorrow we get to see one of my favorite plays, All My Sons, and I know after seeing Pieces of Vincent – it’ll probably be outstanding.

This is a chapel - St Jude and St. Paul's - that we randomly stumbled upon. Something about the door really caught my eye. There was even a little cat standing guard. She loved me.

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  1. It sounds to me like you and Malka had a wonderful adventure in London. While the show may not have been very good, at least you experienced it. Not all of life’s experiences are good, fun or even positive but you can find positive in the negative and even humor. You two can talk about how you hoofed it four miles to watch a show that literally fell to pieces. I got to experience the syfy original movie “Shark-topus” a genetically engineered great white shark-octopus hybrid terrorizes a coastal town. Wow. CGI is a wonderful technology but it has also unfortunately opened the door to being able to make stupid ideas possible. I was not brace enough to finish the movie but switched over to my playlist and watched “The Old Man and the Sea” starring Spencer Tracy.

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