Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.

Yes, I know, I am in trouble for not having posted a blog entry sooner. But, I swear, I’ve been swamped! And although this post could be insanely long I will try to condense it to the msot important things.

David Suchet

For those of you who don’t know David Suchet, he’s a prominent actor who is best known for his role as Detective Hercule Poirot. He taught us a master class and it was pretty fantastic. His main advice was to do everything to serve the playwright, which was nice to hear. So often do the playwrights get forgotten in the process of putting up a play. I’ll have to put up some of the quotes I picked out from him throughout the Q&A, because he really did have some fantastic things to say abotu acting and the process in which he reaches a character. Including finding his voice first, and once you find the sound of your character, the character becomes a part of you.

A couple of quotes from Mr. Suchet!

“Do what you do seriously, and honestly.” [On acting]

“Ultimately in a film you have no control over what is shown at the end…All you have is that moment between action and cut. That’s the moment. And that moment gets edited and cut.” [On working on film compared to stage]

“Try to stay as free and courageous in the moment as possible.” [On acting]


My Birthday

Yes, I am finally 21! However, I did turn 21 in London where I can already drink  – oh well. And I did turn 21 on a school night when tons of lines needed to be memorized – go figure. So I had to be a really good student, cram some lines in, then run out to a pub with a group of fantastic people. The bartender gave us a round of free shot, and the birthday girl did her first flaming shot! This was after a fantastic meal prepared by my beautiful best friend Malka Wallick, eaten at a table decorated with yellow roses provided by my other wonderful roomie DeeDee.  A very good birthday, I think. Although, I would have loved to been at home with family, but I think I’ll be feeling this way a lot throughout the year.


I’m almost done with classes! Three more weeks, and I can tell everything is winding down. In Shakespeare we’ve finished up with speeches (AKA monologues)  and have moved onto scene work. I’ll be doing work on As You Like It as Rosalind and Celia. In High Comedy, we’ve begun to block out scenes we’re working on. I’m both Mrs. Marwood, a fantastic villainess, and Mincing the “excited hamster” servant girl. That term is my professors – not mine. In Stage Combat we’ve begun contact work, which is always fun. Voice and Movement are generally the same as they were before. And Modern Physical – oh Modern Physical. I swear my self esteem is beaten every day in this class. I’m just not funny sometimes, and I beat myself up over it. This is probably my least favorite class because I’m just so self conscious about it, and the work I do in it.


This was the most recent trip to report on. Yesterday our school set up a day trip to Chichester, this beautiful little old old old town in the English countryside where we saw this FANTASTIC play called “A Month in the Country” (Fan-freakin-tastic) , and got to explore for the day. My favorite part had to be the amazing Cathedral which I think someone told me was 900 years old. It was breath taking, and I have no idea how I’m going to handle the more intense Cathedrals like Notre Dame.  I got to light a candle, say a prayer, and really enjoy the spiritual feeling I got from being inside the cathedral. Chichester itself was just a wonderful little town with the cutest stores, pubs, and old buildings. Not to mention the weather this week has been the kindest it’s been and probably will be.

So now onto photos of Chichester!

The Chichester Cathedral


Inside of the cathedral



Saint Richard - who is buried at this cathedral

Saint Richard - who is buried at this cathedral



St. John the Baptist’s shrine
Where I lit my candle
A part of the cathedral’s courtyard
It was a garden wall and I got excited.. so I started taking shots from different angles.



I live with the two cutest girls ever!


It’s REALLY the English countryside. It’s got a country road and everything!

That’s it for now! I promise I will try to update more than I have the past two weeks, but class work has really begun with the semester coming to a close and the auditions happening in three weeks. I must polish my monologue, and begin the scene work I need to do for that audition. (I get to work with Malka, oh yeah, it’ll be awesome). Also, to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday by facebook or email thank you so so so much. It made my day that much more special and I felt loved and connected even from all the way over here.

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