Seek simplicity, and distrust it.

It was one of the quickest weekends I’ve experienced since I’ve lived here, and it was probably because I was running around every single day. My beautiful best friend Carly came across from Ireland where she is studying, and spent the weekend with Malka and I.  I had not seen her since the beginning of Summer, and this was by far the longest we’d gone without spending time together.

Our sightseeing day consisted of taking the long, but enjoyable walk down to the river Thames, and walking along it enjoying the street performers and sights. She is just as much a photo freak as I am and snapped away twice as much as I. It was interesting to be the tour guide when only a month ago I was wandering around London confused, and a little disoriented, clinging to a map for comfort.

Now I navigated freely without any directions, knowing exactly where I was going and what everything around me was. I really am becoming used to this city. It was a strange revelation for me. Although unlike New York, which has become home to me as much as Texas, it still doesn’t feel entirely comfortable. And maybe it never will. But that’s alright. I don’t need three homes. It’s hard enough to miss Texas when I’m in NY, then miss NY when I’m in Texas.

With a day by the river spent, we cuddled up on the couch, watched a movie in our living room with popcorn, and candies. the next day, since we had less time we walked through the park (taking photos of course) , and played with the ducks and geese – I know my mother is freaking out right now. She is an avid believer of NOT feeding birds in the park since they are apparently very dangerous cretaures. She had a bad experience.

We ended the trip with a meal of tea and scones at a local tea house that is by our school. And with that Carly was off, back to Ireland and I missed her the minute she left.

But there isn’t much time to laze around anymore. We are down to our last two weeks of classes that ends with an audition. When we return from our fall break, we are launched into six weeks of rehearsals for the play in which we are cast. So while preparing for auditions I am still memorizing my scene from As You Like It (for Shakespeare), my few scenes in The Way of the World (for High Comedy), have to prepare for my Stage Combat final, along with the other little things I have to do here and there. Definitely no time to waste.

And yet even with so much happening I am beginning to feel homesick again. It is so easy to be disconnected here. Everyone I know is across this big ol’ ocean, living their lives, and I have no idea what is happening to them. and I can’t just pick up my phone to ring them, ask them what is happening. It makes me really lonely, despite having good friends here. But I know this all worth it, and I knew I would feel homesick more than once. Just need to stay focused on the two billion things I need to be focused on.

So here we go. Two weeks to go before Fall break, then a week in Israel, and back to London for rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal.

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