I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.

Wow, everyone is SO allowed to yell at me. Israel came and went, I’m back settled into London and rehearsals are onto day three, cast list is up, and I’ve forgotten to post. I will begin my groveling now, begging for your forgiveness, and promising to be better. “Blah blah blah blah, SORRY, blah blah blah”.

Okay, with that out of the way and your forgiveness surely earned I will try to update in a neat way, rather than completely muddled.

The End of Israel:

So sad to leave that beautiful, beautiful country. Plus it was so warm. We spent the last of our days shopping a little more, and we got to explore a little arts and crafts market, where I picked up a couple of goodies for people back home.

We also attempted to go hiking but got entirely lost and misdirected so all we did is drive up to the top of a mountain and get some AMAZING views. Besides, according to my father I was not prepared to go hiking since I had no real hiking boots or anything like that. Guess he won’t be a hundred percent for my backpacking in South America idea.

Anyway, so here are some of the great views we got from the top of the mountain. It’s all just forest, and stretches out, in more valleys and hills. Little abandoned houses that are hundreds of years old sit perched idly on hill sides enjoying their views.

A view from the mountain! I stood at the edge for this shot, it was amazing. Everyone should stand at the edge of a mountain at some point.

We also went to this little grocery store that was tucked away on the mountain. It dries all these fruits and carries so many spices. This was where I met dried coconut. Possibly one of the greatest things on earth – no lie. You can eat it just like it is or throw it into some cereal for a little extra sweetness. Yum.


Word: Dried Coconut : Definition - Coconut that has been dried, and thus has become this amazing food you could sit and eat all day. See also - addiction.


Israeli spam.. it exists everwhere....ew....

Malka, her family, and I trekked out to Gush Etzion a little winery that makes wine from local grapes grown. Tiny winery but the wine was fantastic. This was also my first wine tasting ever, and I must admit I liked it. I’m going to be doing this more. My favorites were the white, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the dry dry red. The lady behind the counter also got pretty friendly with us and before we knew it we were tasting caramel and chocolate liqueurs as well as this dark cherry liqueurs that was phenomenal. The caramel and chocolate were a little sweet for my taste, but the cherry was perfect.

I will take all six of these to-go please.

The little vineyard...pretty! I wanted to go running through it. Malka told me it was probably a bad idea.

This is Maple, the neighbor's dog. She's the sweetest thing in the world, and greeted us every time we came home or left.

We left the city at 3 am, depriving ourselves of sleep all day until we ere on the plane at 6:30 am. There, with a mix of exhaustion and one of my muscle relaxers (my back was having spasms for whatever reason, I was rendered unconscious until we touched down in London at 11 am. It was a bus ride back home, and a short walk before we collapsed in our apartment. I can’t even begin to describe how odd it was to be back in our London flat and to call that “home”.

A little church we came across, I liked the lighting in the photo.

Beginning of Rehearsals

So rehearsals! We began bright and early at 10 am on Monday morning. Our director is all about the chorus in Antigone, so we did tons of ensemble work then got to do monologues, some scenes together, and generally just got to play with one another. It’s a great company of actors. Everyone is so warm, welcoming and free. Definitely a fantastic enviornment to work in.

The cast list went up yesterday, with me given the role of Messenger. I run in at the end of the show and have two extremely long speeches, as well as several other lines, as I describe the tragedy that occurs at the end of Antigone. Prior to this I will be a member of the chorus and get to do dance, singing, and all sorts of fun movement things throughout the course of the show.

Today we’ve just been working on chorus things. Working through scenes, improving dance, singing, movements, dialogue. and I have to tell you it’s been some of the best first rehearsals I’ve ever had. Everyone is into it at all time, trying new things, following other people’s leads. It’s a brilliant company, and our director is allowing us to freely explore before we have to start tying things down. For this show, where we want to really get to the heart of the Greek tragedy is going to be amazing.

So all is well with me. I’m supposed to be hammering out a paper right now but I thought updating my blog was so much more important. Especially since I’ve already neglected it. And I know everyone couldn’t wait for an update!

Well, I am alive and well. Cold has actually set in here, and it’s windy and chilly from morning to night. We’re all nervously awaiting the Winter when it was snow or slush or whatever the heck it does in London. But for now we bundle up and are thankful we can walk to school and be completely dry by the time we get to rehearsal. The park is beautiful by the way. The trees are almost completely bare and the leaves are orange, red, and sometimes pink. I’ll try to get a photograph soon.

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  1. My dear dear Daniella! I love reading your blogs! I am so glad you are safe back in London. We seriously need to Skype missy! Give me some juicy details about your trip! 😀 Love you always! ❤


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