Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.

I’m officially the biggest procrastinator known to man. I apologize for my lateness (again) and (again) promise to be better. This will be my last post until I’ve returned to good ol’ London on the 6th of January.

Last week of BADA. Sad. So sad. I couldn’t believe that my time with all these amazing people was ending, and we were all moving on in different directions. These are the only people who will ever understand what sort of change I went through while in London (at least so far). They struggled with me, acted with me, and allowed me to grow as an actor and I can only hope I did the same for them. They are group of people I will never forget, and I look forward to our futures and hope that we will once again be on a stage together.


Amazing. It was one of the most wonderful shows I’ve ever done. It felt good to be up there, to throw myself around the stage, and deliver my novel length monologues at the end. The show went so well. The past four weeks of rehearsal added up to a remarkable show, that I will not soon forget. I was able to challenge myself and explore movement, and voice – things I’ve never really focused on in a show.

I’m so glad I got to be part of this show. The people, the script, and Jake our fantastic director. Times got hard sure, and there were moments I wanted to yell but in the end it was worth every moment frustrating or not.

A couple of photos – I’ll have official photographs in Jan/Feb – whenever the school processes them. but until then here are a few from rehearsals…



Man rides the sea (Ode to Man)

Hands of the dead reach for the living (Ode to Suffering)

Flaming sword strikes down pride

Bacchus' Followers - The Wild Maenads. I'm the one the turquoise bandanna. The one about to eat the guy.

Ode to Suffering

BADA Semester 1 was over in a flash, and I’m scared to go into Spring Semester. I don’t want this experience to be over. I miss Texas, I miss New York, and I’m eager to show SLC what I’ve got now that I’ve been away working my ass off. But I am also going to miss the heck out of BADA an the professors who have helped me grow so much.

This is starting to sound like an end post, and it’s not. I’ve got three whole more months, starting Jan 6th, which is not far off. I’ve already got a whole scrip to memorize and if I don’t my Dean (and my director) may have my head on a platter.

If I thought that Fall Semester was hard, Spring is going to be even harder. There will be EIGHT of us, all in the same classes, day after day, helping each other and working together. It’s going to be amazing, and insane.

I love the life I’m leading.

So Merry Christmas everyone, I hope wherever you are you are with people who love you. Until my return to London, my friends, I am off! Taking a break from the blog (I know, I know, I kinda already did), and I will return ready to write with vigor!

“Actors are willing to give their entire lives to a moment–to that line, that laugh, that gesture, or that interpretation that will stir the audience’s soul.”

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