Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.


I’m back! And it’s very strange to be perfectly honest. It was much harder to leave home this time knowing how it feels to be separated from all my family and friends. But I tried not to cry as I walked through security (even though they were definitely there), and boarded my plane. Traveling alone also wasn’t very exciting, even though I devoured a book in FOUR HOURS, I haven’t read like that in a while. I was probably starving for real literature. For anyone who loves poignant, romantic (not even just in the boy/girl sense) , period novels go read RAINWATER by Sandra Brown. She usually writes mystery/romance novels. But this was very unlike her usual style and it was AWESOME. I was left with a bittersweet feeling in my heart, and somehow rejuvenated. Perfect way to start my long journey back to England.

My apartment looks exactly like my other apartment except we are on floor 2 (I promise to climb the stairs this semester) , and there are only five of us. Meaning Malka and I room together, DeeDee is rooming with our new friend Andrea, and Zuri gets the single. I love all the girls in this apartment and I’m looking forward to the semester we’re going to have.

Rehearsals for our Modern Production Workshop class begins tomorrow, but first we start the day with Movement then have Shakespeare – both with Profs who are brand new to me. I’m really excited! Now I just got to solidify these lines for rehearsal (aka modern workshop) , and prepare a monologue for tutorials on wed – which I’m first for yet again.

The few new students I’ve met are very sweet and friendly, as you will often find theatre students to be. It’ll be harder to get to know them since we only have one class together and that’s dramatic criticism.  But we are hoping to host a party this weekend in order to meet as many people as people.

Anyway, so we are pretty much all settled in, have been given our new schedules, and are strapping in for the rest of the semester.

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