Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.

So BADA Round Two has kicked into high gear. We are well into day three and the fact that I’m no longer trying to find a place for everything in my apartment is making everything that much easier.

School has already begun ad the professors are a little tougher this time around, since they expect us to be on top of our game. WE already did the preliminary stuff, now we are jumping right into the work. It’s fantastic.

I know most of the professors, except for my Shakespeare professor, voice and movement.

Our Shakespeare professor is this cool guy,Leo, whose accent is a mix of Jamaican and English which makes for a neat mix. He addresses us as either “my baby” or “my man” and is all about creating things organically. His class will be very active, and hopefully helpful. We have Macbeth on our schedule for tomorrow, and it’ll be interesting to revisist it after having performed it years ago.

Our voice professor is Jessica and she’s this very sweet little woman, who yelled at me about my arms today. And Marcelle, is our movement prof who complimented me on my rings.

Rehearsals for Product, are going well, very fast paced. In this show we never move around, and if we do get up it’s only once or twice. It’s a challenge to work as an individual and a group.

So all is well! First tutorials are in half an hour so I better get cracking on my monologue.

also, sorry about the lack of photos. Hopefully now that I’m done unpacking the apartment I can do things that I can take pictures of.

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  1. Good stuff! Glad you are settled! Enjoy every second because I bet this semester will fly by quickly! Brandy

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