If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.

Wow, this has been one rough week. I can’t believe I actually survived it.

Shakespeare class has run my absolutely ragged. Leo expects an unbelievable amount from us, and one of his exercises yesterday threw me completely off, and I started to just bawl. Granted, this is what he wanted. To break me down to the point of tears. Although he was concerned when I left the room he had hurt my feelings. After class we spoke about it, discussed the effect is had on me and we came the conclusion it was good, and what I needed. This mean (he says), that now he knows where my wall is, and we can work on getting through it together. He is possibly the most passionete person I have ever met. And he can make me cry any time I want because I am going to be a much better actress after taking his class. Maybe he’s exactly what I need to complete the next stage of my growth as an actor. Since his name is Leo Wringer, we all joke that he puts us through the “wringer”. Hah, get it?

Other than that one major class, the others are going well. I’m afraid I don’t jive as well with this semester’s voice teacher as I did with my last semester one. She’s not great at explaining things, and that frustrates me a lot. but I will do as best as I can. Maybe now that we’re moving into text work I’ll be able to understand what she wants from me.

Movement is wonderful, I still adore Marcelle who was teaching us to ballroom dance last class. Rehearsals for Product are fantastic, and it gets more and more funny as each rehearsal passes.

Hopefully I’ll go out and explore some of London tomorrow. There is talk of Hampstead Heath, so hopefully I’ll get out of the flat for a little adventure.

I’ve begun writing again, which is always a wonderful thing, since I can channel all my frustrations at the end of the day into it. I also haven’t written since I let Wander Inn rest last Summer (Then again, I really need to revisit that play).

So…very long, draining week, and it’s only the second week. Guess that’s a good thing. I’m already feeling more challenged than I was last semester. One thing that makes it easy to get through it knowing I have the support of the other 7 year longs who take all the classes with me. We’re a tight, little group, and I know they will all take care of me inside and out of class.

So enough of the blogging. I have to go finish a couple of job applications if there is any hope of living in New York this coming Summer!

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