I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.

Yesterday was such an adventure. DeeDee and I woke up and decided to trek out to Hampstead Heath, which is an ancient park in London, and very overgrown with lots of dense trees, and large ponds that people go swimming in.

The day was chilly and overcast, and we set out with our cameras and bundled up. It was so muddy. So muddy. I was definitely not dressed for that, and my poor black boots were not intended for hiking through mud and brush. It reminded me to go buy hiking boots before I set out to Ireland and am trekking through the outdoors.

But we had a blast. Despite the mud it was still beautiful and nice to get out and about. I definitely fell on my face, and on my camera (Big Betty is alright though, never fear), and my knee and bum were covered with mud. there was also a point where DeeDee and I launched ourselves down a steep hill of mud and prayed we stopped running before we fell in the little stream.

So here are some photos – FINALLY.


A giant, giant tree in this middle of this clearing. And when we got closer we realized...

The giant tree was HALLOW! There were even little writings on the inside.

One of the swimming ponds and the bridge behind it.

All I need is a Mr. Darcy to come over the horizon and get me.

Adventure = success.

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  1. wow! that hollow tree is awesome. is it really big enough to crawl in there? reminds me of dead poets society 🙂

  2. The hollow tree was amazing. It was so big TWO people could curl up in there. Very smoothed out not creepy at all. My favorite part of the day.

  3. If Mr. Darcy comes over the horizon — ask if he has four older brothers (and perhaps two older sisters) for your Tias!!! :}

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