“Η θάλασσα τα δίνει κι η θάλασσα τα παίρνει.” * “The sea gives them and the sea takes them back.”


One of my favorite photos of the trip. An alley that ends in the ocean.

One of my favorite photos of the trip. An alley that ends in the ocean.

I want to return to Mykonos when the tourist season is at its peak, and the summer heat makes is necessary to go for swims. Visiting Mykonos on the off season meant a lot was shut down, and the little town tucked away on the corner of the island was sleepy, and still. Not that it took anything away from it’s beauty and charm, but I’d like to see it when the stores are all open, the boats to Delos are running at full speed, and all restaraunts have their doors open. As it is Greece has been having a weird week weather wise and that means we got shut in a lot, and Delphi was cancelled, as well was Delos.

We did have an amazing meal at this place by the old port, Antonini’s, I had a lamb casserole cooked with amazing tomatoes, and greek cheese, and potatoes. Amazing. Malka has this sea bass that was also fantastic. Finishing the meal off was a cappuccino and a shot of ouzo. Ouzo is new to me, and probably will remain something I don’t drink very often. I like the sweet taste of it, but it is pretty strong and I’m not a big fan of sipping liquor. But it still went nicely with the cappuccino.

When the weather cleared up on Friday we woke up early, got coffees at a tiny coffee shop, and went exploring on the beach. During the off season the boats to Delos only run on the weekends, and we weren’t staying that long unfortunately. But exploring was so much fun. We allowed our selves to get lost, wander off the path beaches, and walk along the rocks. I picked up a rock from one of the beaches, but I can’t say I know where that rock has gone too  now. Possibly lost in my mess of packing.

View from our hotel room.

One of the many churches.

Another church at the edge of the ocean

While walking through the tiny alleys, we watched as the locals started preparing for tourist season that would start in a month. Painting their walls, doing inventory, just prepping themselves.

We picnicked in our little hotel room with cold cuts and cheese and crackers, our balcony doors open so the light and wind came in. So beautiful.

When the town woke up from it’s siesta we found a place to go eat where we got pasta and vegetables – also amazing. Then the waitress (the Greeks love to serve you after dinner drinks apparently), gave us a shot of tequila mixed with coffee liqueur.

I got amazing photos, and besides that it was just nice to take a break, explore the town which is really just a bunch of old white buildings, and narrow little streets where cars aren’t allowed to go.

There’s a church on every corner, I’m not even kidding. And at mass time you can hear the bells ring all over the town for ten minutes at least, if not longer. The air is fresh and salty, and the people are kind and helpful.

But I would like to see this island in full swing, maybe get on a boat to Delos. Actually this goes for all of Greece. I’ll be back, in the summer when it’s overrun by silly tourists like me, and enjoy the heat of Greece. But for now I’m glad to have had it when it was quiet, rainy, and still.

Cactus growing on the side of a cliff. I didn't know cactus grew in Greece?

One of the famous Mykonos windmills.

We are on a ferry boat headed back to Athens for the evening, will rest up, then are on a plane in the afternoon back to London.

I’m looking forward to being back. I want to start rehearsals, get cast, and sink my teeth into a role. Leo really gave us some amazing tools for Shakespeare, and I’d love to take what he gave me this semester and really attack a role and show people what I can do. I know I can do something amazing.

It’s also the final stretch to home, five weeks only then I say goodbye to London for a very long time. I can’t think about that now. It makes my heart hurt a little, and I already start to get freaked out about moving my life back into reality.

For now, I’m going to focus on saying Goodbye to Greece, and getting settled back into good ol’ London.

Greece was amazing, and I’ll be back. I’m not nearly done exploring this amazing country.


Goodbye Greece, it's been amazing.

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Αν δεν παινέσεις το σπίτι σου, θα πέσει να σε πλακώσει” – “If you do not praise your own home, it will fall on you and squash you.”

Today was supposed to be our Delphi day, but unfortunately the weather is VERY cold and snowy up in the mountain and neither of us felt completely safe going up there. Delphi will be saved for a future trip to Greece, which will happen.

So instead we are relaxing in the hotel for now, contemplating going out in the cold to return to the Plaka and check out the stores, or have an ‘in’ sort of day. I guess having an ‘in’ day when you’re in Greece seems strange, but really we’ve wandered all over Athens and know it fairly well in the few days we’ve been here. Plus, it is much colder than it was supposed to be and neither of us have dressed properly for the cold.

Besides, as I keep telling Malka it’s OUR spring break, and if we want to stay cuddled in the warmth of our little Greecian hotel room, watch Greek television, and read our novels, there’s nothing wrong with that. We have to get up very early tomorrow morning to find our way to the Port of Piraeus and hop on a boat that will deliver us to Mykonos.

Besides yesterday was a fairly big adventure. We went to the National Archaeological museum which was a beautiful museum that has one of the largest statue collections I have ever seen. The strange realness of some of these statues was over powering and  I found myself stopping at several and staring at them, scared they were about to move and look down at me any second. There was a burial marker that really caught my attention. It was of a pretty willowy woman, sitting in a chair, the description said she must have been a poetess because of the scroll and books piled up in her her chair. She had a little bird on her finger and was reaching out to hand it to a little boy staring up at her with wonder. It was beautiful and sad all at the same time.

There were also several statues of Artemis that were really beautiful, she a very powerful goddess and you can see in all her busts that she moves very quickly, arrows in her hands. Unlike say Aphrodite who is always standing still, her dress being ruffled and pulled by the wind.

That night we sought out a restaurant to eat at, and according to Frommers there was a place near our hotel “Hell’s Kitchen” which served American food. It seemed easy, we were both tired, and just wanted to sit and have some beer. Traveling through some pretty sketchy streets, we found the restaurant and it was CLOSED. And not just “it’s Tuesday we’re closed” it was abandoned. So we had to turn back around, walk to the Plaka and search for another place. I have no idea what the place we found was even called, it was your basic Greek food touristy taverna. But it was warm, the waiter was nice, and I had my first taste of Greek beer, a brand called Mythos. I finished my giant bottle and Malka’s. I also had a plate of Moussakka. I was pretty happy that night.

So tomorrow Mykonos. Where the weather is promising to be kinder, and the beaches although chilly will be amazing to explore.


Statues in the Museum

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Έχει ο καιρός γυρίσματα, κι ο χρόνος εβδομάδες. – Time has turns, and the year has weeks.

We touched down in Greece in the afternoon, although according to our fatigued minds it was early morning. Stumbling through security, and the passport check point, we found our way to the train station and then got utterly lost. We were in some suburb of Athens, but not Athens itself. Thanks to a couple of sweet Greek women, and our miming capabilities we found the right train and arrived at the correct train station. Too tired to walk and navigate any longer we found a taxi driver, a patient Greek man who only spoke Greek. Insert more miming, and groggy laughter (mostly on our part) . Finally at our hotel, a quiet, near empty place in a not so beautiful neighborhood in Athens (the people in the hotel are sweet though and make up for the weird crowd after 9 pm).

We ate dinner in the hotel, my first introduction to the absurd amount of olive oil, and the amazingness that is a Spiced Latte (it’s a basic latte made even better with the addition of vanilla, Cinnamon, and honey).

The next morning we woke up early to venture to the Acropolis, two miles by foot from out hotel, but we enjoyed the walk. Stumbled into the Roman and Ancient Agora, which were strange to see sitting in the middle of tavernas, and houses. It was even a little haunting.

Then we began the climb up to the Acropolis. The views from the top of the mountain are breathtaking to say the least. Athens looks absolutely bitty when you stand at the top of the mountain. The Parthenon was beautiful, although there was heavy construction going on so you had to work very hard to ignore the giant cranes off to the side.


Athens below us.

A part of the Pathenon - without the crane.

But the most amazing part about the Acropolis was the Theatre of Dionysus (both of them – it was rebuilt near by, made larger) . The birthplace of my profession. Absolutely amazing. The beautiful seats are still there where the grandees sat and the throne of the Priest of Dionysus. Malka and I just sat and stared down at the stage wondering what it must have been like to watch plays on a hot afternoon.


Theatre of Dionysus

As luck would have it Malka and I didn’t pay a dime for seeing any of this! It was Clean Monday, the last day of carnival here in Greece so museums were shut down, and the Acropolis was free. It was lovely to say the least.


Although it’s been chillier in Greece than we expected it to be, the weather can’t put a damper on the ruins. We’re still in Greece, still adventuring, and still having a once in a lifetime experience.

Today we are relaxing, walked to the National Archaelogical Museum, and are now having a small lunch in our hotel with , yup, Spiced Lattes. We’ll venture out later now that the rain has stopped and the sun is peeing. Maybe check out the Plaka, that was mostly closed yesterday.

Tomorrow we go to Delphi! Another crazy adventure since we’re bussing it without a guide.

Pottery forgotten in the grass.

An interesting view from one of the side paths.

A blooming tree at the top of the Acropolis.



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“Aν πιαστείς στο χορό θα χορέψεις.” = “If you join the dance-circle, you must dance.”

I have not posted for so long. I am sorry for that. I promise to be better. Quick updates:


– Classes have finished with trumpets and angels singing. I will no longer taking any classes as a Junior in College. AHHHH! Crazy!!!

– I went to Ireland and it was amazing and I touched a lemur.

-Almost got mugged in Stratford, but am perfectly okay just shaken up and now wary of 16 year olds.

– I had auditions and was cast in Much Ado About Nothing, role to come after spring break. But yay, SHAKESPEARE.

Now I am up at 5 am to go catch a train to the airport, so that we can get to Athens Greece where we will be enjoying the first half of our spring break for ferrying to Mykonos, one of the small greek islands. I’m not quite sure what we’re getting ourselves into here, but it’s just me Malka, and our Frommer’s book that I highlighted, and marked up like nobody’s business. I also have a limited knowledge of Greek – aka none.  Neither of us have ever been to Greece before, so this time we’re having a full blown adventure. Wish us luck! I will hopefully be updating throughout the week, granted I have internet.



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Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.

Words cannot describe my contentment at the moment. I am sitting in my living room, with the cool wind from outside streaming in periodically through the slightly cracked window, and it ruffles our ugly blue curtains. Despite the piles of work I have waiting for me to take care of this week, and the cleaning I must do, there is such contentment in me, I’m barely phased by the daunting task.

We closed Product last night, brilliantly if I may so myself, and we felt so good about what we had put together the past four weeks. The show seems to have been a success and we didn’t offend as many people as we though we might. Not only this but after the show last night, our director informed us that Neil LaBute had attended.

NEIL LABUTE. A very, very prominent playwright, and one of my favorites. He was seated right behind me (Our performance took place in a tiny classroom and the audience was basically on top of us). Apparently he loved the show, was impressed, and then he had wine with us after the show. He told our director he’d possibly come back for a Q&A session.

So I had a few moments of being star struck, but aside from that just putting the show together felt amazing. Four weeks, three rehearsals a week, and two  performances. SUCCESS. This is why I have chosen this career, and it dawns on me every time I do a show, and it ends. THIS is exactly why I have picked this incredibly difficult, critical, beautiful, passionate profession. The sheer love I feel from working, from giving myself completely over to something and feeling that it was all worth it in the end. It’s hard, and yeah I cry and get down on myself, and things don’t work out. But when they do – it reminds me why. And this is only the beginning! And THAT excites me the most.

I battled my first bout of illness this week, but nothing horrible. A bitty fever, sore throat, and some basic cold symptoms. But I’m finally feeling like my old self – meaning I can breathe. Missed a couple of classes, but I quickly bounced back. Not going to lie, I had a few moments of  “I want my mommy” and definitely wished my Dad was here to make me soup.

Plans have also begun for Spring Break – Malka and I adventuring from Athens to Rome, then to Venice. We’ve got the schedule of when and where we want to be, and since we only have a week it’s going to be a rush, but we’re very confident that we’ll get to everything we want. It just won’t be a typical relaxing vacation – but it’ll be amazing! And a once in a lifetime trip.

So finally it’s the weekend. And I get to relax even if it just feels like a millisecond in the grand scheme of things. I’ve got several scenes to memorize, a monologue, and a few reviews to write for class. But first – I am adventuring to Portobello Road, to seek out antiques and fun. And then I’ll hit the books – I swear!

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I dwell in possibility…

Longest week ever.

Leo is a demanding professor, and pushes us, and challenges us. It’s nice though, as frustrating as it feels sometimes. A lot of times they don’t challenge us quite enough. IT’s much nicer to be asked to do something we think we can’t do than something we’re entirely confident we CAN do. Does that make sense? He trusts us to go above and beyond, and very much expects us too.

Voice is getting better, and better and Jessica and I are finding a rhythm that suits us. While Marcelle teaches us to be water as well as do ballroom dancing – not always fun. There are only two men in the class, and I really don’t feel like learning ballroom in movement.

Rapier and dagger training has begun with Philip. And for those of you who haven’t seen or heard me speak about Philip, check him out ::


That's right. That's our combat professor.

So he’s teaching us to use rapier and daggers at the same time. Basically, I look epically cool with them in my hand. too bad they are also the most complicated, technical weapons. Very specific footwork, safety, and striking/parry methods. But I’m having a great time with it, and when I accomplish it I may want to re-enact the Inigo Montoya/Man in Black fight from Princess Bride.

So that’s it. Just classes. In two weeks I’ll be headed to Ireland, which I’m ecstatic about. Can’t wait!


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I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life.

Yesterday was such an adventure. DeeDee and I woke up and decided to trek out to Hampstead Heath, which is an ancient park in London, and very overgrown with lots of dense trees, and large ponds that people go swimming in.

The day was chilly and overcast, and we set out with our cameras and bundled up. It was so muddy. So muddy. I was definitely not dressed for that, and my poor black boots were not intended for hiking through mud and brush. It reminded me to go buy hiking boots before I set out to Ireland and am trekking through the outdoors.

But we had a blast. Despite the mud it was still beautiful and nice to get out and about. I definitely fell on my face, and on my camera (Big Betty is alright though, never fear), and my knee and bum were covered with mud. there was also a point where DeeDee and I launched ourselves down a steep hill of mud and prayed we stopped running before we fell in the little stream.

So here are some photos – FINALLY.


A giant, giant tree in this middle of this clearing. And when we got closer we realized...

The giant tree was HALLOW! There were even little writings on the inside.

One of the swimming ponds and the bridge behind it.

All I need is a Mr. Darcy to come over the horizon and get me.

Adventure = success.

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If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it.

Wow, this has been one rough week. I can’t believe I actually survived it.

Shakespeare class has run my absolutely ragged. Leo expects an unbelievable amount from us, and one of his exercises yesterday threw me completely off, and I started to just bawl. Granted, this is what he wanted. To break me down to the point of tears. Although he was concerned when I left the room he had hurt my feelings. After class we spoke about it, discussed the effect is had on me and we came the conclusion it was good, and what I needed. This mean (he says), that now he knows where my wall is, and we can work on getting through it together. He is possibly the most passionete person I have ever met. And he can make me cry any time I want because I am going to be a much better actress after taking his class. Maybe he’s exactly what I need to complete the next stage of my growth as an actor. Since his name is Leo Wringer, we all joke that he puts us through the “wringer”. Hah, get it?

Other than that one major class, the others are going well. I’m afraid I don’t jive as well with this semester’s voice teacher as I did with my last semester one. She’s not great at explaining things, and that frustrates me a lot. but I will do as best as I can. Maybe now that we’re moving into text work I’ll be able to understand what she wants from me.

Movement is wonderful, I still adore Marcelle who was teaching us to ballroom dance last class. Rehearsals for Product are fantastic, and it gets more and more funny as each rehearsal passes.

Hopefully I’ll go out and explore some of London tomorrow. There is talk of Hampstead Heath, so hopefully I’ll get out of the flat for a little adventure.

I’ve begun writing again, which is always a wonderful thing, since I can channel all my frustrations at the end of the day into it. I also haven’t written since I let Wander Inn rest last Summer (Then again, I really need to revisit that play).

So…very long, draining week, and it’s only the second week. Guess that’s a good thing. I’m already feeling more challenged than I was last semester. One thing that makes it easy to get through it knowing I have the support of the other 7 year longs who take all the classes with me. We’re a tight, little group, and I know they will all take care of me inside and out of class.

So enough of the blogging. I have to go finish a couple of job applications if there is any hope of living in New York this coming Summer!

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Man is free in his imagination, but bound by his reason.

End of week one.

And I still have all my limbs intact, as well as my sanity. I know the work will only get tougher, but so far I’m having a blast! The work is heavy, and each time we have class with Leo we realize just how difficult he is going to be on us. He pushes, and pushes, and pushes and sets his expectations high and makes you leap and bound, and somersault to reach them but when you do – hell, it feels awesome.

Rehearsals are still going completely smoothly. Even though we’re all still shaky on lines, it’s not unusual when the whole script is a monologue, and not dialogue. It’s going to be hilarious. For those people who don’t mind compeltely politically incorrect pieces of theatre.

A kind of awful synopsis of Product:

‘I love your work, I love it. I’ve seen you do those turns on a sixpence….You’re fabulous. And this material is going to be fabulous once it’s punched up.”Amy is a hot young starlet. Now all she needs is the script which will save her from B movie hell. A script which balances artistic integrity with blockbuster bucks. We think we have  got the perfect pitch – a script which combines a torrid love story with the dark spectre of terrorism and big, big explosions. If we can only persuade Amy, we’ve got the perfect Product.”

Not very clear. And the play is much more hysterical, dark, and twisted than the synopsis makes it sound.

Apart from classes, I haven’t ventured out. I’ve made plans to go to Cork, Ireland Feb. 11th, to see Carly and Ireland, but until then I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. Just prepping for Product and all my classes.

Tonight – we are hosting a mixer for all the new kids, and veterans who have stayed on so we can all get to know one another.

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Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.

So BADA Round Two has kicked into high gear. We are well into day three and the fact that I’m no longer trying to find a place for everything in my apartment is making everything that much easier.

School has already begun ad the professors are a little tougher this time around, since they expect us to be on top of our game. WE already did the preliminary stuff, now we are jumping right into the work. It’s fantastic.

I know most of the professors, except for my Shakespeare professor, voice and movement.

Our Shakespeare professor is this cool guy,Leo, whose accent is a mix of Jamaican and English which makes for a neat mix. He addresses us as either “my baby” or “my man” and is all about creating things organically. His class will be very active, and hopefully helpful. We have Macbeth on our schedule for tomorrow, and it’ll be interesting to revisist it after having performed it years ago.

Our voice professor is Jessica and she’s this very sweet little woman, who yelled at me about my arms today. And Marcelle, is our movement prof who complimented me on my rings.

Rehearsals for Product, are going well, very fast paced. In this show we never move around, and if we do get up it’s only once or twice. It’s a challenge to work as an individual and a group.

So all is well! First tutorials are in half an hour so I better get cracking on my monologue.

also, sorry about the lack of photos. Hopefully now that I’m done unpacking the apartment I can do things that I can take pictures of.

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